Hi, Welcome to Bloodlinee

We opened in September of 2023 ever since then it's been an amazing journey. We bring a powerful message to the streetwear industry with our unique trendy designs, but also looking to make a big on the community helping people seek generational wealth even after all the obstacles they've been through.


Meet the Designer

My name is Lamont from Rochester, NY. I'm inspired by the street style fashion look; I took an interest in fashion when I graduated high school. I began studying the fashion culture and became passionate about it instantly. I created Bloodlinee to help the people who think their story is over to keep going while building a community of family.


Trendy Tradition

I love fashion. I also love clothes that live longer than a single season. After all, if you’ve found an item that you really love, don’t you want to wear it longer than a single season? We wanted to build a store that sells clothes that are more than just trendy. We want you to know that whatever you buy here, you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come!